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When it comes to TXU Energy Plans, comparing your options is the best way to save money before you sign up. Luckily, TXU offers a wide variety of plans at reasonable prices. That's been especially true during this summer of extreme heat. Like other competive retail electricity providers, TXU has continued to keep its retail rates low even with sometimes sky-high wholesale prices.

And because rates are even lower than last year, now's if the best time to shop for a new fixed rate plan. You can choose a contract length of 12 or 24 months. Plus, TXU also has a couple of deals that you can take advantage of. For example, the Free Nights and Solar Days 12 is a one-year-long plan that offers free electricity from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. every day. Plus, during the day, they source their energy from solar farms, so this plan is 100% renewable. If you tend to be home most during the nighttime, you can make the most of this TXU deal.

Ultimately, you have the power to choose the best plan that suits your schedule and lifestyle best. But with natural gas rates expected to pull electricity prices higher this fall into 2024, (Source 1) it's important to note that these rates won't last forever. So act now to lock in the savings.

Source 1:

About TXU Energy

The Dallas Electric Company first brought electricity to Dallas in 1882. Over the years as the need for electricity grew and changed, Dallas Electric Company and twelve other Texas electric companies consolidated to form one single utility. Texas Utilities formed in 1945 and took over supplying electric power to north Texas. As years passed, the company grew and reorganized, becoming TXU Corporation in 1999. Following deregulation, TXU Corporation splint into three separate entities that handled generation, transmission, and retail.

In 2007, the largest ever private-equity acquisition transformed TXU Corporation into Energy Future Holdings Corporation (EFH). Its energy operations included ONCOR (transmission), Luminant (generation) and TXU Energy (retail electricity provider). Unfortunately, the deal proved too big and EFH foundered. Now, after bankruptcy and years of careful restructuring, Vistra Energy has emerged to be the parent company of TXU Energy. Headquartered in Irving, TXU Energy still enjoys the strong brand loyalty from its customers that's been built after over a century of service to north Texas communities and families. TXU Energy is now one the giants of Texas electricity providers.

Does TXU Energy Service My Texas City?

TXU Energy offers plans and products throughout Texas. Browse plans for your city.

TXU Energy Plans for Houston

Plan Term Rate
Clear Deal 12 12/months 14.9¢/kWh
Clear Deal 24 24/months 15.9¢/kWh
Solar Value 12 12/months 16.5¢/kWh
Season Pass 12 12/months 18.5¢/kWh
Simple Rate 12 12/months 18.6¢/kWh
Free Nights & Solar Days 12 12/months 18.9¢/kWh
Flex Forward 1/months 19.2¢/kWh
Savers Discount 12 12/months 19.7¢/kWh
Solar Saver 12 12/months 20.9¢/kWh
Savers Discount 24 24/months 20.9¢/kWh
Rates as of Sep 30, 2023 at 01:25 PM

Dallas TXU Energy Plans

Plan Term Rate
Clear Deal 12 12/months 13.9¢/kWh
Clear Deal 24 24/months 14.9¢/kWh
Solar Value 12 12/months 14.9¢/kWh
Season Pass 12 12/months 17.5¢/kWh
Simple Rate 12 12/months 17.7¢/kWh
Free Nights & Solar Days 12 12/months 17.9¢/kWh
Flex Forward 1/months 18.3¢/kWh
Savers Discount 12 12/months 18.6¢/kWh
Solar Saver 12 12/months 19.8¢/kWh
Savers Discount 24 24/months 19.8¢/kWh
Rates as of Sep 30, 2023 at 01:25 PM

TXU Energy Plans in Fort Stockton

Plan Term Rate
Clear Deal 12 12/months 15.5¢/kWh
Clear Deal 24 24/months 16.5¢/kWh
Solar Value 12 12/months 16.5¢/kWh
Season Pass 12 12/months 18.9¢/kWh
Simple Rate 12 12/months 19.4¢/kWh
Free Nights & Solar Days 12 12/months 19.5¢/kWh
Flex Forward 1/months 19.8¢/kWh
Savers Discount 12 12/months 20.3¢/kWh
Solar Saver 12 12/months 21.6¢/kWh
Savers Discount 24 24/months 21.6¢/kWh
Rates as of Sep 30, 2023 at 01:25 PM

TXU Energy Electricity in Corpus Christi

Plan Term Rate
Clear Deal 12 12/months 14.5¢/kWh
Clear Deal 24 24/months 15.5¢/kWh
Solar Value 12 12/months 15.5¢/kWh
Season Pass 12 12/months 17.9¢/kWh
Simple Rate 12 12/months 18.2¢/kWh
Free Nights & Solar Days 12 12/months 18.5¢/kWh
Flex Forward 1/months 18.6¢/kWh
Savers Discount 12 12/months 19.1¢/kWh
Solar Saver 12 12/months 20.4¢/kWh
Savers Discount 24 24/months 20.4¢/kWh
Rates as of Sep 30, 2023 at 01:25 PM

Abilene TXU Energy Plans

Plan Term Rate
Clear Deal 12 12/months 14.5¢/kWh
Clear Deal 24 24/months 15.5¢/kWh
Solar Value 12 12/months 15.5¢/kWh
Season Pass 12 12/months 17.9¢/kWh
Simple Rate 12 12/months 18.2¢/kWh
Free Nights & Solar Days 12 12/months 18.5¢/kWh
Flex Forward 1/months 18.6¢/kWh
Savers Discount 12 12/months 19.3¢/kWh
Solar Saver 12 12/months 20.5¢/kWh
Savers Discount 24 24/months 20.5¢/kWh
Rates as of Sep 30, 2023 at 01:25 PM

TXU Energy Scores and Ratings:

Texas Electricity Ratings Overall Score for TXU Energy

TXU Energy Overall Score


473 total reviews

TXU Energy Reviews:

473 total reviews for TXU Energy.

Star Rating Ratings and Link
22 5 star reviews
28 4 star reviews
21 3 star reviews
54 2 star reviews
348 1 star reviews

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TXU In The Community

The one thing TXU knows after 100 years of serving Texas communities is how to be a good neighbor. TXU has long been engaged in Texas community initiatives, supporting charitable causes and making positive contributions to the communities they serve.

TXU's long commitment to preserving and improving the environment is reflected in its TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm and Education Center on the campus of Richland College in Dallas as part of the Texas Trees Foundation.

Begun in 2013, TXU's Energy in Action volunteer program gives full-time employees up to eight hours of time off during business hours each year to volunteer in a community-centered program of their choice. The goal of the community service??"focused program is to help their employees give back by volunteering in their communities where they work and live.

TXU's Energy Assistance Workshops provide social service organizations education and training regarding electric service and assistance plans. Begun in about 2002, the workshops have educated local social service agencies and other partnering organizations on the changing electricity market and service plans in order to help communities keep at-risk seniors and other residents safe.

TXU Energy Aid Low Income Discount

TXU is very sensitive to customers having financial difficulties, whether it's due to a serious illness, job loss, or other circumstances. The TXU Energy Aid program uses donations from customers, employees and other Texans to help around 20,000 families keep their light throughout the state. This program also assists military veterans with a service-connected injury that prevents them from being able to regulate their body temperature.

New TXU Energy customers who qualify as low-income are eligible to pay deposits over two equal installments. Customers are eligible to have their deposit waived if they are 60 years of age or older, or if they are a victim of family violence as certified by a prescribed letter, or if they are medically indigent and submit the necessary proof.

For customers facing an emergency or temporary hardship that makes it hard for them to pay their bills, TXU Energy offers two kinds of payment assistance through its Energy Assistance Program.

  • Deferrals: Customers can request to extend the time required to pay their current bill to avoid disconnection. A deferral won't change the monthly due date and can't extend beyond the due date of the next invoice. But it extends the disconnect date. Customers will still be assessed applicable late fees and notice fees. Deferral requests can be made online via the customer's MyAccount in the Bill and Payment Summary section.
  • Installment Plan: This sets up monthly payments for longer-term assistance when the outstanding amount may be too difficult to manage at one time. Customers not only pay their current charges but also installment plan amounts. The installment plan balance and regular monthly charges are broken out on the monthly electricity bill.

TXU Energy Electricity Rates

TXU Energy Variable and Fixed Rates

Fixed rate plans, however, have fixed prices. Once you agree to a fixed rate plan, the contract keeps the price for your energy charge constant throughout the term of the contract.

TXU's Energy prices depends mainly on whether the plan's rate is variable or fixed. Variable rate plans reflect the market rate for electricity and have a contract term of 31 days or less. Because the market rate changes constantly, TXU can change the rate for their energy charge for these plans at any time. They notify customers about changes in writing at least 14 days before any change will be applied to your bill or take effect.

How the Right Plan and Rate Saves You Money Variable rate plans tend to be great conveniences for short term periods. For example, if you're moving or if you're between plans and you need extra time to shop for a fixed rate, then signing onto a month-to-month variable plan with a low introductory rate can save you money BUT only for that first month. Remember, you're only using the month-to-month plan to give you extra time to shop. You want to switch to a fixed rate electricity plan before the rate on your month-to-month plan jumps at the end of your first month.

Electricity prices change constantly. During periods of extreme weather, like winter and especially summer having a variable or fixed rate plan can either cost you or save you hundreds of dollars. That's because high energy demand causes the energy charge rate per kWh to rise sometimes suddenly. Customers with variable rate plans could see TXU's energy charges shoot up from 9 cents per kWh to 20 cents or more from one month to the next. Meanwhile, customers with fixed rate plans face no additional costs since the price for their TXU Energy fixed rate plan was locked-in ahead of time.

Average Energy Charges

According to TXU plan EFLs, energy charges for fixed rate plans tend to run approximately 9.9 cents to 15.5 cents per kWh for a monthly usage of 1000 kWh. All plans come with base charges, most at $9.95 per month. On the whole, TXU's energy charge rates are straight forward, very competitive, and rely on fewer ‘fine print” gimicks when compared to their competitors.

That said, customers still need to be cautious and consider the plan EFLs with their usage carefully. Almost all TXU plans charge higher average price per kWh rates for low usage. That's because the price per kWh comes out higher when you factor in things like base charges. For example, say the base charge for a plan is $9.95. To calculate that amount's effect on the price per kWh, you need to find out how that amount breaks down into cents per kWh.

  • 500kWh usage: $9.95/500 kWh = $0.0199 (or 1.99 cents per kWh)
  • 1000 kWh usage: $9.95/1000 kWh = $0.00995 (or .995 cents per kWh)

As always, Customers need to read plan EFLs carefully and fully understand how a plan's pricing works before signing up for it.

A few TXU plans do allow usage tier pricing to have a big effect on the energy charge. For example, if usage is below 1200 kWh per month the energy charge can be around 9 cents per kWh. If usage rises to more than 1201 kWh per month, the energy charge might rise to 12.5 cents per kWh.

Another pricing scheme might offer 100% discount on a number of highest usage days per month. That sounds great but this scheme is typically set up to reward customers that use more than 2000 kWh. Low usage homes can wind up paying through the nose.

Free night plans try to convince customers that they can save money by shifting their high electricity usage until later in the day.Though they offer free electricity during night, the plan's daytime energy charges are much as 1.5 to 2 times higher than average rates. As with all free time-period plans, it's up to the customer to figure out how control their usage in order to reap the savings.

Understand Your TXU Energy Bill

Unsure about how to decipher your TXU Energy bill?

We can help.

Check out our How to Understand your TXU Energy Bill page where you can get information on what the various charges and fees mean.

Bill Period or Cycle

The dates this bill covers. Your Texas utility company will read the meter at their discretion. This will not always be a month or 30 days. If you are on a plan that has "monthly" fees, that fee will appear on your bill, regardless of how many days were within the period.

What is the Difference Between Energy Rate and Average Rate?

the 'Energy Rate' is the price in cents that you pay your electricity provider for the actual electricity that you consumed. The 'Average Rate' is the total you paid for electricity service (including all TDSP fees, bill credits, taxes, etc) divided by the number of kWhs you used that month.

What is the average TXU Energy electricity bill in Texas

Most customers in Texas use about 1050-1400 kWh of electricity per month. According to various sources, the average electricity rate in Texas is about 11 cents. This would make the average Texas electricity bill about $115 to $154 per month.

Of course, if you have a higher electrical load than normal you will use more energy, and thus your bills can easily be higher than that. High load items would be things like a swimming pool or electric heat in the winter.

Your home size will have an impact on your usage. A smaller 600 sqft apartment might use 500-600 kWh, while an expansive 3,000 sqft. home could easily use 2,200 to 3,000 kWh.

About TDSPs (Utilities)

The utility is the company that maintains the power poles and lines in your area. They are also in charge of generating the electricity and delivering it to your home. In Texas, there are five deregulated TDSPs: CenterPoint (Houston), Oncor (Dallas), TNMP, AEP-North and AEP-Central.

TDSPs charges and fees will show up on your bill in a couple ways - monthly fixed amounts, and per kWh amounts. These TDSP fees will be applied to your bill no matter who your provider is. TXU Energy doesn't really have any control over these fees at all, and if you change providers, you'll still have to pay them.

What are the TDSP Fees / Charges on your TXU Energy bill?

These are fees charged by your utility, and are present regardless of which electricity provider you have chosen.
Fees from the utility, not the retail electricity provider

TDSP fees can be a fixed charged per bill, or a variable charge based on how much electricity you used during that period. There are a few providers that offer "bundled" rates, which include these fees in their Energy Charge. In bundled rates, your actual average rate will not change during the course of your contract (assuming the plan has no monthly charge).

Some of the TDSP fees you may be charged are:

  • Customer Charge
  • Distribution Cost Recovery Factor
  • Distribution System Charge
  • Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor
  • Metering Charge
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Fee
  • PUC Assessment
  • System Restoration Charge
  • Transition Charge (1-5)
  • Transmission Cost Recovery Factor
  • Transmission System Charge

The TDSP fees charged and their amounts will vary depending on which TDSP services your area. As of May 2018, Oncor has the lowest per-bill charge at $5.25, while AEP-North has the highest, at $10.53 per bill. TNMP has the lowest average usage charges, at around 3.3¢/kWh, and CenterPoint is the highest, around 4.1¢/kWh.

Electric companies generally have the same energy charge applied, no-matter which TDSP the plan is in. The difference in the TDSP fees are the reason the same plan can cost around a penny higher in CenterPoint vs TNMP.

ESI ID (Electric Service Identifier)

This is the unique identifier of the electricity meter for your address. If you have multiple meters (one for the house, one for the shed) you will have multiple ESI IDs. Each ESI ID will generally get it's own bill, unless your current provider offers some sort of combined billing.